Friday, March 20, 2009


My doll club met last Monday and the program was "dolls twelve inches and under." Here is just a small portion of the dolls that members brought to share. There were many, many more tables.

Like any collectors, doll collectors know a lot about history. The older dolls require identification. Studying the history and the fabrication of the dolls is part of the joy of collecting. I selected a smattering of the many dolls we were able to see--everything from vinyl to wood to metal to bisque and china. Our club has grown to 27 members and is a diverse group of collectors.

What do you collect? I mean besides dust which is what I have been collecting a lot of lately.

The weekend is rolling around again. This week went by very quickly for me. We have some interesting plans so maybe I will have something different to show here next week. (I will try not to show Beltie cows but I cannot promise anything!)

Enjoy your day...and enjoy your weekend. Travel safely!


Mrs. Staggs said...

Hmmmm. This is hard for me to answer, because I have alot of collections, but I seldom set out to collect anything really. Most of my collections have been a result of others giving me gifts, because they see that I like certain things. I have a wonderful collection of hand tooled purses,and teacups that were all given to me. I love old things in general, which leads to collections. Old linens and vintage sewing things. My Blue Willow, things like that.

natalie jo said...

Oh what fun! I wish I belonged to your doll club. Had to tell you I just found a message you left on my "Frozen Charlotte" blog entry last February. I amazes me that you know so much about dolls and could identify them for me. I tend to buy my dolls by what takes my fancy at the moment, but then wonder what their background is forever after. I will be sure now to read up on Shackman and Ruth Gibbs. Thank you for the info!

Anonymous said...

All these fabulous dolls! Do you have a "Hitty" doll?