Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekend photos....

Couldn't help but notice this beautiful stone wall in our travels. What a monumental amount of work must have been involved in its making! Stone walls are, of course, everywhere in New England, even in the woods as abandoned fields have turned back to forests and the walls appear where the fields once were.

It is hard to imagine people clearing land by hand and creating stone walls that last for hundreds of years. This is such an unusual configuration of stone.

Of course, now I keep seeing the Belties everywhere we go. This was sociable group. See that black calf? It was "talking" to me as I took photos. The mooing was non-stop and loud! Seemed to be other cattle in the mix and there were far more than in this photo--this was a huge herd.

See that little bit of green? I do believe spring might be on its way soon. Early spring is my very favorite time of year. Today I planted pansies in the window boxes.

Enjoy the day!

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AngelMc said...

We don't have stone fences, but we do have split rail fences...you live in beautiful country.