Friday, May 16, 2008

Dolls, 8 tall inches and under....

Made by me

Made by others

My doll club meets Monday and our program is "Dolls 8 inches tall and under." Our custom is to bring in dolls related to the program to display.

A large portion of my collection is this size. I pulled out a bunch to take to doll club and decided to photograph them while they are out of the cabinets. This represents less than one third of the small dolls that I have under 8 inches but I would have to take apart a lot of displays to get to them all.

The dolls are from different eras and different mediums: wood, china, paper clay, cloth. The smallest doll is 2 inches tall and her blue dress is next to her. She is not the smallest doll I have or made but she is the easiest of them to photograph!

I actually have many Hitty dolls in my collection but only included two I made, one in wood and one in cloth. Hitty is exactly 6.5 inches tall so she qualifies. The smallest dolls in my collection are really tiny, but I think I will not bring them to doll club as they are easily lost. (I have lost some of them here a few times.)

Many collectors in my doll club collect Betsy McCall, small antique bisques, Ginny, Hitty and other tiny dolls. Hopefully, I will have some photos to share next week.

Now, I must get mine ready to travel.

It is the weekend again. I do hope you enjoy yours.


Susan Tuttle said...

Wow - your dolls are stunning! I've so enjoyed my visit to your blog.


Christine LeFever said...

Oh how cute!!! Each one is dear and wonderful.

Your doll club must be great fun, for it appears they appreciate making dolls that reflect the past. I don't know of any doll clubs here like that, they're all into art dolls, which although are wonderful, are not my favorite. Kudos to you and your club, Susan!

Christine LeFever said...

I wish I could erase that I called you Susan! I was just looking at the picture of lovely Ms. Tuttle. Sorry about that dear and wonderful, HELEN!!!

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!