Thursday, May 15, 2008

Paper sandals...and color palettes...

A friend and I swap paper art projects every few weeks. She does a lot more paper art than I do and she is more current with trends than I am. I am "into it" but I don't spend as much time on it due to other past times that get in the way.

She saw some templates for sandals in an online group that she belongs to. We decided to swap. These are the sandals that I made. I used a box (from pasta!) for the inner soles and corrugated card board for the bottom soles. The thong part is made from vintage trim from the 70's. I use red glitter on the sides of the sandals. Note that I used primary bright colors.

She took her sandals in a different direction. She painted mermaids on the soles and used water color paper. Aren't they pretty? Her color palette is always dusky rose, soft aqua, sage green, and ivory.

Looking at the sandals made me realize that we all have individual color palettes. I was wondering how we are influenced.

Looking at the banner at the top of this page, I see dolls in intense, deep colors. They are not colors I wear or decorate with, but they do show up in my art work. I tend to look at art that is bold in color and I collect images and books by Frida Kahlo. I love Van Gogh, Jackson Pollack, most of the abstract expressionists and any art work with movement in it and deep/bold/intense color use. I wonder how I got this way?

What is your palette? And why do you think you have it?

Enjoy your day...and your color palette, too.

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Christine LeFever said...

Perhaps mine is in emulation of earlier days both in the US and Europe, and for me, earlier is pre-Civil War. Even at that, people tend to do what's "in" during the now, so one cannot even duplicate history. It's interesting as to how many in my favorite era use sepia tones and browns to get that aged look. I prefer what really was popular, so I don't bother much with the aged, and now I look bold!