Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More from Rockport....

Motif #1

Sometimes I am the worst sort of tourist possible. I am driven to take the photos that everyone else takes. Sunday was no exception. I was back at it taking the usual photos of the usual places.

Street on Bearskin Neck

Bearskin Neck is a charming pier lined with fish houses that were and are artist studios. At one time, artists and artisans sold their wares directly from these buildings. I remember going there in the 70's and actually talking to artist in their studios. Now, there are shops that have imported goods and souvenirs and "over the couch" factory art made abroad. I have not seen too many artists on Bearskin Neck, though artists still can be seen all over town painting .

A few years ago, I started collecting old postcards of Rockport. I have included here a photo of the Pewter Shop which has been in that building since 1935. It appears in post cards from that era forward.

Old Postcard of the Pewter Shop

Rockport was the summer home of many great American artists who were part of the Rockport Art Association, a place that I adore. The museum is worth the trip alone.

The crowds can be so large in the summer that shuttle buses are in use from the outskirts of town throughout the summer season. The locals are inundated with tourists crowing the streets and it must be very tiresome. At the same time, the town is economically viable unlike so many ghost towns of New England with empty Main Streets and slumlords.

Sigh. Housework is calling to me---replacing the call of the blog. I must heed its call and partake in those mundane chores (laundry! clutter!) that multiply every day. I will be thinking to the art and artists of Rockport as I travel through my day.

Enjoy YOUR day!

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