Monday, May 12, 2008

By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea.....

These are some photos I took on the shore in Magnolia, MA, yesterday. Magnolia is just south of Gloucester and has some famous, wonderful mansions dotting the shoreline. One of them is Hammond Castle which we wanted to visit but was closed due to a parking lot renovation. The Castle is quite beautiful but really pales in size to the newer gargantuan homes that are being built on the rocky shore.

Magnolia is truly lovely. Despite its gated homes and private drives, there is a a lot of beach that is open to public view. It is a lot quieter than Rockport, where we enjoyed lunch at the Greenery.

I have taken so many photos of Motif #1 but never from the back. You can see the lobster traps piles up. It was very low tide when I took this photo.

Back to reality is Monday and I do NOT live at the shore. I have lots of catching up to do around here but my head will be swimming in the memories of the beautiful sights.

Enjoy your day...enjoy your Monday.

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