Monday, May 19, 2008

Two more dolls...

Bo Peep

Nutcracker ballerina

It was a busy weekend with no opportunities to take photos. It rained on and off most of the weekend and we were able to get a lot of errands done.

Today my doll club meets for most of the day. I should have added before this is my UFDC club. My cloth doll club recently disbanded because all of the quit shops we met in have gone out of business. Our members had traveled from other states. Without the incentive to shop, it us hard to gather everyone together.

In any event, my UFDC club meets in a mansion for many years now. It's a wonderful space with acres of lawn leading down to the CT River. We have a business meeting, a light luncheon, show-and-tell, and a program. I came to doll collecting only a few years ago. Some our collectors are life long collectors.

Most of them have wonderful cloth dolls in their collection, so I often get to see dolls that I would never otherwise see. They are a great bunch of people and we recently doubled our membership. Lots of eye candy and inspiration every month!

I found two more dolls that I made to take with me today. They are from patterns by Dru Esslinger. I took an online class last winter. I won't use them as ornaments but I display them with my other small dolls.

The ballerina is standing in front of my free arm Singer 222 Featherweight that my husband purchased for me from the UK for Christmas from Graham Forsdyke. Some people might like jewlery and cruises, but I lust for sewing machines.

Enjoy your I will.


eileen said...

Your doll club does sound like so much fun. Hope you were able to get pictures today, and that maybe you could show us a peek?

Luiza said...

Your ballerina is so simple and so wonderful.
Luiza from Rio de Janeiro Brazil