Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sleeping cat and tiny dog...

Can you see the upstairs window?  Such a nice kitty sleeping!  It is a nice kitty painted in the window. So charming!  We were at the Herbery in Chester, CT over the weekend. As you can see the leaves are not quite on the trees yet.  


Last week's project was 4 inch Edith Flack Ackley pattern doll. It is a going-away gift from a bunch of friends to a dear friend who is moving. She has the best dog...a Dachshund named Walter.  She has short curly brown hair in real life so I used crewel yard to make French knots.  Meet Walter and Jane!

(Sorry to say I didn't make tiny Walter due to a time constraint. He is just the right size though for adventures with Jane though.)


Here are some dolls who went to doll club with me yesterday.  Tried to take a variety of types.The program was cloth dolls and there were many good ones present! That is basically what I collect so that was good day for me.


It will be a while before we have another long holiday weekend.  I do enjoy spring though. I think it has become my favorite season.  I love the green and pastel of early spring.   Not feeling good about politics and crime and other such realities, but  it is a time to push forward into better weather and  work on a good frame of mind!

Enjoy the season wherever you are

and as always,

enjoy the day!



Quiltingwiththefarmerswife said...

The cat in the window is a cute idea. Your dolls are so beautiful........I especially like the one with the cigarette. Also,Can't chang the world situation but know the Lord is in control and pray our leaders will humble themselves and seek God. That is the very best we can do at this point. Patty

Beth said...

Jane is wonderful! I love this size of doll, and EFA dolls always tug at the heart :-)



Simply Shelley said...

Looks like a wonderful place to stay. I love the sweet doll you made for your friend. Such a cute little thing. I found a very old unusual doll in the antique shop here in my town. I think it may have been created from an Edith Flack pattern. It is about 12 inches and a topsy turvy type. Maybe I will share her on my blog soon.Blessings 🌹