Wednesday, April 12, 2017

It's here already?

It's here already:   Easter. 

In my mind, I had it scheduled for the following week.  What a surprise when I received a few Easter cards in the mail! My cards were made here but had not mailed them. So much for planning ahead...


Yesterday is was 79 degrees.  Very warm for here and now.  Very nice as well!  One never knows about April. I remember many April snowfalls and even a big April blizzard.

When I was young we had Easter bonnets, coats, new dresses, shoes, the works.  I loved my little white gloves and bonnet. People do not dress for church... or work... or anything as much anymore.  In a way that is a good thing...because faith is not about fashion and today's fashions are quite different that back in the day. Yet, I miss seeing people dressed up for spring. (See how I just aged myself!?)

'Have been working on a few things but cannot show them yet.  Wish I had taken photos of my cards. They came out cute this year.


Politics as usual is no longer politics as usual. It was a shock to my system to hear the poorly referenced Holocaust remarks emit from the mouth of a person who should know better.  I also think I could never fly again. I 'd be one those who had a panic attack if removed ignobly from an airplane.  Call me old-fashioned. I come from a time when flying was elegant.  Back in those Easter bonnet days...


It is also  Passover this week as well as Easter.  One thing for certain is that spring is really here. Do you have plans for the holiday? Will you wear an Easter bonnet?   Will you give or receive a basket or a chocolate bunny?    Don't you love little children at holidays? I miss that!  My grands are growing up now.  Times goes by so fast.
Have a happy holiday...
Happy Easter...
Happy Passover...
Happy spring!

And as always, enjoy the day!

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Beth said...

Happy Easter, Helen! Yes, it seems to have snuck up on me as well. Spring is such a perfect setting for the Easter story; blooms and new life all around, regardless of the idiocy of current politics.

Must say, my capacity for outrage has been greatly expanded this week. Think I will go out and work in the flowerbeds.