Sunday, April 09, 2017

About something different...

I have written over 800 posts here in a decade and never once shared a recipe--even though I am an ultimate foodie. True, we have visited many restaurants in this blog but I don't show food photos (usually) or recipes because everybody else does.  My favorite cuisines are Italian and Middle Eastern but who doesn't enjoy fries and a hamburger!? I like just about everything and all sorts o restaurants and grocery stores.

We were shopping in Whole Foods the other day and tried a salad sample.  It was so good that I bought the ingredients and made it at home. Now there is no salad or dressing I have not made/tried in decades of cooking. Farm stands, produce places, supermarkets and my own deck garden provide endless ingredients.  But after decades of cooking, growing and serving it is sometimes hard to find new flavors and textures to serve.

So here it is:  baby arugula, shaved Parmesan, raw asparagus, sliced radishes, romaine lettuce and the secret ingredient:  Cindy's Kitchen salad dressing, lemon shallot dressing which is in a refrigerated area of Whole Foods produce area.

Normally I do not purchase prepared dressings but I am happy I did. This was very spring-like and light. We liked it so much we had it three times in a week!  Asparagus season is here. It's cheaper right now, so we are taking advantage. Needless to say, thinner asparagus works best.
It finally stopped raining and the sky is blue today and it will reach 60 F.  Crossing fingers for no more snow.  Leaf buds are formed and it if it gets really warm this week, there will be a return of green to the trees. Ready for it!

If the week goes as planned, pansies will get planted, salads will be made and projects will be worked on.  What about you?   Have you ever tasted something and decide to make it right away?  And are you planting herbs yet?

Time to take out some spring clothes.  I remember when a bonnet was you? No bonnets these days but looking forward to putting away winter clothes.

Until the next time

enjoy the day!

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Beth said...

I LOVE arugula! My all time favorite salad green, and it grows well here. This sounds like one yummy salad; than you for sharing it Helen.