Thursday, April 06, 2017

Around New Haven and Yale...

It's still raining here as it has been for weeks.

We had one really nice dry day over the weekend and decided to go to New Haven and eat lunch at Mamoun's.   We were really trying to escape picking up sticks in the yard after a windy week and nature doing the pruning.  (We did pick up the sticks but much later.)

There are so many great restaurants in New Haven around Yale but we really love their chicken shish kebob. We were not disappointed. Lunch was great!

When we were walking  down the street to where we parked, I remembered a place that I like in the summer. Casbah!

This will be a great place to sit outside if warm weather ever gets here!

The best pizza anywhere is in New Haven and every cuisine can be found near the college.  Next time...who knows where we will end up. It's only ten minutes away and so many choices.

As we were leaving the area I snapped a few pics from the car. The sun and shadows played upon the architecture and it really did feel like a beautiful early spring day. Now if we could just get some leaves on the trees.

Can you believe it? It is almost Easter... and Passover soon after.  Are you planning anything special?  Any visits to family or special restaurants?  Are you making anything for Easter?

As the rain beats upon the roof, I am off to work on a project and make a cup of tea or coffee. It is one of those chilly damp New England days.  It is is very cozy in here though.

Until next time,
as always, 
enjoy the day!

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Beth said...

I love the artwork at the end of the post :-) We've had 50mph gusts the past two days, almost like a tropical depression rolling over the Midwest...but the temperatures have been anything but tropical!