Thursday, March 30, 2017

A little glimpse of sun...

We are getting a little glimpse of sunshine today... and it feels great!

Yesterday I saw some narcissus blooms in a nearby yard.  Finally! A touch of springtime! The sunshine has caused the last of the snow to melt and the grass has a tinge of green in in it today.  Snow can be a very good fertilizer so my expectations is to see the most  vibrant shades of green ever very soon.

Here's a little something spring-like  I made for a swap. Because there was not a box to found here, I ended up making one out of chipboard.  It is covered with paper and wallpaper samples. The little chick is a cut-out of one my illustrations.  I really hated to part with it!

There are all sorts of things to be found in craft stores right now. The fairy garden fad has increased the types of dried materials that can be used for scenes like this. I made the pussy-willow with sticks and cotton I took off a cotton swab. The tiny daffodil was found about 15 years ago. There was only one when I bought it hoping to find others.  Now it has a home!

There is a chance of  more winter weather for tomorrow but maybe it will not happen...finger crossed!  How is the weather where you are?   Flowers blooming?  Leaves on trees yet?   Is the Easter Bunny hiding in your garden?

Still wearing my safety pin.  My guess is that everyone has forgotten that symbolism by now. Every new day brings more surprises... and sorrows, too. Until next time,

wherever you are,


enjoy the day!



Beth said...

Anyone wearing the safety pin has not forgotten what it means; I wear mine daily.

Spring feels good here! We have lots of narcissus and daffodils blooming (I'm never sure what the difference is!) plus dandelions, violets, and ajuga in the yard. Red bud trees and flowering crabs are bursting, and so are the maple trees.

Enjoy the coming of spring, Helen :-)



vivian said...

Helen, your little easter shadow box is adorable. I love that you used your chickie drawing. whoever is receiving that will love it. The fairy garden idea has gone full bloom crazy! there is stuff everywhere. people can go as elaborate as they want on them. I think I'll stink to keeping mine simple. see you on facebook girlfriend!