Saturday, March 25, 2017

Snow and serendipity...

Here it is Saturday and snow is still lurking about.  The shoreline is clear of it but a few miles inland, it hangs around like an uninvited guest!

As we were driving to a lunch destination yesterday,  I spotted something out of the corner of my eye, Without question, I have passed this same spot one hundred times or more in 20 years and never saw it.  After lunch we went back and I took a photo.  It was located off a side street on a busy country road near Mystic, CT.  Can you see it?

I got out to the car to get a bit closer.  It is a small rock cliff set back off the road with  a painted symbol on it.

It is really quite beautiful, unexpected and serendipitous! Have tried researching but have not found any info yet. 

Today we stopped at yet another a restaurant over near the NY border called the Sycamore Drive-in.  It is really fun to eat there.  Very authentic decor and good food!   It has appeared before in my blog but not for a while.

Unfortunately it is still coat weather here.   Yes, it is officially spring but it is a chilly and drizzly weekend.  That's a good thing because there has been an awful drought the past year. Snow and rain will certainly help the situation. Agnes Dreary is feeling even drearier than usual.

One of these days, spring will pop 

and all will be green..

then the complaints will start about it being too hot!  

In the meantime,

as always,

enjoy the day!

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