Thursday, March 23, 2017

Winter lingers...

It is a brisk 14.4 °F this morning.  I would prefer it slightly warmer! The snow still lingers.  There is so much snow piled up everywhere from the last storm.  This was the parking lot the other day at the grocery store.

Hopefully we will see some melting soon.  Since flowers had started to bud when we had unseasonable warm weather, it will be interesting to see what blooms this year. The weight of the snow crushed the little narcissus plants that had started to bloom near the house.

We had a program the other day on Asian dolls at my doll club.  There were many more dolls  than these but I was not able to snap photos. We had 23 members present... and we always serve a light luncheon. I was one of the hostesses and it was hectic.

The ones above are from my collection.

I also added a little something to my collection:   It is a Kewpie that came in this basket of rose petals which I purchased from a friend. Underneath the petals was a  tiny crown and  a glittery netted ballet-like skirt.   It looks very cute dressed.  This little bisque Kewpie is only three inches tall.

Have you added anything to your collection?  Are the any signs of spring where you live?  The day we see some green again will be a good one!  The snow is pretty enough but it is time for it to exit and make way for spring!

As always,

enjoy the day!

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