Saturday, March 18, 2017

A return to winter...

That storm that hit us last week was really very impressive.  As were we wandering about  thinking it was spring, 12-24 inches of snow visited us in Connecticut. It is still here because the temperatures have been very cold and there has been very little melting. This is Higganum CT earlier today.

A long ride out into the country and dinner at the shoreline improved our spirits though it was still a chilly gray day in Southern New England.  Other years I might have planted pansies today...

Several doll friends have been looking at the little hippie doll but we have really not identified her yet. She sure is cute!  She has been a bright little spot in this wintry mix of weather.

Even at that, spring is not to be delayed. This year the vernal equinox is on March 20.  For some people it will be  New Year's Day so I say Happy Norooz! 

St. Patrick's Day has passed by and Easter is not so very far off.  Will have to see how long the snow lingers.  It was about a foot locally but it drifted and blew around and now it is more like frozen ice than snow.  Slippery!

The world remains tumultuous... and it is a challenge to be creative... and remain hopeful. Maybe a few arty things will get done this coming week. We have a few ideas floating about.

How about you?  

Ready for spring?  


Happy spring 

and enjoy the day!

1 comment:

Beth said...

Love your artwork, and Mother Nature's :-)

The cold has its own frozen beauty, even in shades of grey. We had sub-zero cold for over a week, but happily it did not damage the daffodils or hellebores, the mighty harbingers of spring.

Stay focused on the good; it is all around us.