Monday, March 13, 2017

Who am I?

This little doll turned up in a shop for $5 and just had to come home with me. She is bisque, in perfect condition and cute as a button.  She is also from 1998 and #2109 of 5000.  I cannot read who made her.  I thought she was a brand new doll.

She is little...just 6.5 inches tall. She is pristine and her accessories are so cute from her glasses to her peace sign to her embroidered jeans.  She looks a little like Ginny and she certainly is a cutie! If you recognize her, let me know in a comment.

We were in MA at the Crompton Collective and Birch Tree Bread Co. and enjoyed ourselves over the weekend though it was wicked cold and blustery.  This table made it feel like spring was coming though...and lunch was wonderful, too.

Bread pudding with chocolate sauce and fresh whipped cream...very yummy. Roasted squash salad with blue cheese and cranberries and cranberry vinaigrette...dee-lish!

We are bracing ourselves here in Southern New England for  foot of snow and possibly more tomorrow.  Since we have already had spring and early summer weather here, you can well imagine what this trip back into winter feels like. UNNECESSARY! 

A foot of snow can drift to several feet and high winds are expected. Hoping for the best! We have a fireplace so we don't worry about what happens if the power goes out--though it hasn't in years.

What did you do this weekend?  What did you make?  What delicious food did you consume or make?  What are you doing today?

Happy Monday!

Enjoy the day!


Beth said...

Helen, what a precious find! She looks a bit like a Wendy faced Madame Alexander doll, and she is about the right size, if a bit small. Whoever she is, she is a delight!

I LOVE bread pudding...with caramel sauce :-) A guilty pleasure in the winter.

After two weeks of spring weather, we are back to sub freezing. I picked a bouquet of daffodils; the ones remaining outside seem to be hunkering down until the warmth returns. Have a lovely day!



Simply Shelley said...

The little doll you found is a sweet little treasure, such a good price for her. I hope you are not snowed under. I have never experienced such weather living in Texas. Here the schools shut down if we get a couple inches 😊 Blessings my friend