Friday, March 10, 2017

Things that live on the shelves...

Confession:  I have a lot of books shelves and they are home to many objects.  Cluttery? Yes. Fun?  Yup! Make me happy? Yes!

Here are few of the things 
occupying bookshelf space.

Some are gifts, some are made by me 
and some are collected.  
All are fun!

What do you like to place around your environment that makes you smile?  Even a decorated desk at work can be fun and brighten a day. Maybe it is your table by your bed or your kitchen window.   Would love to know.

It is snowing again after summer weather.

Wherever you are 
whatever you collect
enjoy the day!


Beth said...

I admire the minimalist look I see in a lot of home decorating journals, but could never, ever apply it to my lifestyle! I love to be surrounded by books, pictures, dolls...especially dolls :-)

I just made room on one of my bookshelves for my growing family of Hittys. And from where I sit, I see dolls that have been made by others and I think of their friendship when I see them.

Why would one want to live in minimalist surroundings?



peggy gatto said...

Of course have fun, SEE your treasures!!