Tuesday, March 07, 2017

What is in the pretty flowered box?

What's in this pretty flowered box?  
It has a little heart on the closure!

Could it be?   A mushroom/toadstool doll?   
From Lenci?   Oh, that pretty face!

A mushroom doll just had to come and live here 
where  mushrooms and toadstools 
are in abundance!

Though it is pristine and looks new, it was actually sold through  home shopping channel in the late 1990s.  They sold in limited editions of 500, signed.   

 "A  Lenci limited edition “Funghetto” handmade doll."
The doll came with its COA and the box is pristine as well.  The price was incredibly low so it was nice surprise to receive a doll in such excellent condition.  Not a doll for everyone, but certainly one for me. 

The doll hunt continues...

as always

enjoy the day!

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vivian said...

YOu definitely needed that doll! lol! shes awesome.
have a great day my friend!