Monday, March 06, 2017

Freezing cold Monday!

After temps in the 70s that were out of the ordinary, we are back to some traditional late spring weather.   The weather is just so mixed up this year. It would have been nice to have May weather until May!

Despite that the sun is shining, the air is dry and  the days are longer.  It is one of my favorite times of year because spring is hiding just around the corner.

Speaking of hiding around the corner, these guys are hiding around one in my art area.  They are made by Fairyfelt by SiSo.   Her work is delightful and if I had more room and money and were much younger, I would acquire some of her larger pieces. These are so so cute and small...under 5 inches.  Two gnomes in red caps and a "gnomeling" in green.

Can one have too many gnomes or mushrooms?  Probably...but I am not in that category of less is more.  More is more!

What are you collecting?  I am collecting dust more than anything. It is a constant battle in the winter with the heat on.  Fortunately I have most items under domes now and they are much easier to keep dusted.  (Ever try to acquire dozens of domes?  Affordable domes?  A quest unto itself.)

Still wearing my safety pin.  Still looking at dolls and gnomes and mushrooms. Still aware of world and national events.  Learning to juggle...thoughts, not tennis balls.

Until the next time,

stay dust-free

and enjoy your day!


Beth said...

Hello Helen!

Without a doubt dust is the easiest thing to collect :-) I like your idea of domes...easier to dust, if I ever would!

Making dolls is my escape from our current reality, and listening to classical music. My good friend Joyce has created a delightful crocheted Hitty, so that is my current obsession. The pattern is freely available on my blog.

I wear my safety pin daily. I am fortunate to live in a Midwestern city with a very welcoming personality. Indianapolis understands the strength in diversity, even if the rest of the state does not.

Take care!



DollZandThingZ said...

My music of choice for the past few months has been jazz and sometimes classical music as well. Yes, dolls are a very good distraction in stressful times. Thankfully, I am getting back in touch with mine! Will check out that Hitty! Nice to hear from you!