Saturday, April 22, 2017

Just thingz...

Leaves are opening up!  Trees are blooming. It is beginning to look a lot like spring now.  A few warm and sunny days and all will be green again!

Next moth the doll club I belong to is having a program on Annalee, felt dolls and figures.  I started putting some in a box and as I passed by the box it was so colorful on a rainy day that I had to take a quick photo. Colorful!

As I was wandering through the area. I took a few more photos of thingz.

A trip out in a downpour for errands and a quick trip to the shore to our favorite book store...

Soon there will be leaves and flowers there, too. We have more rain in CT than in many years. Ponds are filling, rivers rising and there is an element of lushness everywhere.  This has been a long drought so the rain is welcomed-- at least by me. 

Next week it is going to be REALLY arm here and I think all the leaves will open at once and the lilacs will bloom. The fragrance of lilacs is something I love. What is happening in your world?

Onward to the weekend...

until the next time,

enjoy the day! 


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Robin said...

Our lilacs are in bloom here and there is nothing that can beat the fragrance.