Wednesday, May 03, 2017

It finally springz...

It just keeps raining! As a result we have one of the most beautiful springs ever. The trees were slow to bloom and now blooms are long-lasting.  Right now lilacs are in a bloom and in a day or two there will lily of the valley.   It is a spring where you need a coat one day and are wearing sandals another!

While looking for new spring sandals,  I encountered this very sparkly vehicle in a mall parking lot.  With the sun shining on it, it was a spectacle to behold.  Embellished!!

Yet most of the time it has remained quite overcast.  A quick trip into New Haven and the  shoreline will show you how very gray the sky has been!

The very best view of the New Haven skyline is the cafeteria in IKEA. Great view, inexpensive food and clean pretty can't beat that!

This is Branford Point, CT. It is a town beach but there is some limited public parking.  It is beautiful in any weather!  One thing about New England is that is breathtaking in any season. People sit in their cars and enjoy the ambiance any time. It was warm enough to open the car window and appreciate the fresh air.

The photos below are of the beach in East Haven, CT show how it still pretty cool weather at the beach.  Not time for bathing suits yet!

Have spent a great deal of time lately watching old movies.  I am a big fan of the Golden Age of Hollywood and am particularly engrossed with movies from the 30s and 40s.  Occasionally I will see glimpses of CT in the scenery.  And sometimes these little towns feel like they have not changed with time.  The beach area is always nostalgic...some of the scenes could be out of the movies from times long ago.

What is you spring like? Are you experiencing extreme weather?  Are flowers blooming?  Or maybe it is a different season where you are.  I wonder what your days are about!

Until next time,

savor the season 

and enjoy the day!


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Cheryl said...

Loving the blinged out scooter! Wowzers! I think we skipped Spring here and just went straight into the 90's. They say climate change isn't real. Really? I miss Spring! lol