Sunday, November 13, 2016

Early November...the pin diary

First day out:   Stopped at a rest stop on a highway and went to the women's restroom.  Received a glare from a woman about my age when she spotted the pin. She was leaving the rest room as I was going in.

Inside there were two young women wearing head scarves and two adorable little girls. One of them smiled at me though I doubt if she spoke English.  Cancelled out the glare.

Today:  Went to two different international grocery stores that I have been frequenting for over 20 years in another part of the state.  Smiles when the pin was spotted.  No words exchanged...just a nod and smile.

Went to an American big box grocer locally.  Received a few glares by younger people.  Anybody over 30 around here probably wouldn't understand the safety pin. They will think I am an old lady who cannot afford jewelry!   One bright note:  an older Black woman stared at the pin and the smiled and nodded.

This will be an up and down experience.  I am not a young woman and I couldn't really protect myself--- let alone anyone else. But, I do have my cell phone, good intentions and a desire to live out the Golden Rule.

To my faithful readers:  I have disabled the the comments on this blog. I am a  woman of peace and not looking to pick a fight.  I am deeply hurt by some of the vicious, violent, mean things I have seen posted on social media by people I didn't know were bigoted.  Say prayers for them if you are one who prays.  Blessings!

 Wishing you the best!

Enjoy your day!