Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hot, hot, hot summer!

Hot, hot, hot summer in New England... complete with a drought.

Staying cool creating stuff indoors and inviting dolls to come and live here.

Of course, we still ramble around on the weekends and take short trips.  Busy at times...quiet at others.  Pushing forward always!

Thought you'd like to see some newer arrivals.

This is Nan...
my alter ego!
made by Wildflower Dolls on Etsy.

Edie and Precious have a new friend who needed a new hair do! Her big hair kept making her fall over!

She is Amelia Thimble
 Sharp as a Needle! 

Little bears keep dropping by and staying!

Raggedy Bears from Australia!
Below from Heartwarmer Creations
on eBay!

Hope your summer (or winter depending on where you are!)  is going well for you.   Are you creating? Traveling? Collecting?  Taking photos?  Hope you are having fun!

As always,
 be happy and
enjoy the day!


Beth said...

It has been hot and very humid here in the Midwest. No drought, but soggy air that makes air conditioning a true blessing!

I've been making; can't imagine a day that doesn't involve making something :-) Love seeing your new girls and bears. Amelia Thimble is adorable!

Enjoy, and keep cool,



vivian said...

I didnt realize you had collected so many new friends! youre new alter ego is awesome! I know you posted her on facebook, but I didnt realize you had just gotten her.
you make me want to get some new dolls! lol! or make some bears. actually... i have so many bear orders I need to work on.......
well see you on facebook my friend!
happy weekend

Simply Shelley said...

Such a fun post Helen. I always love welcoming new dolls ....and bears. Your"s are very nice! Loved seeing some familiar faces as well :) Blessings friend

l.wilks11 said...

Love all those little dolls and teddies . They all so happy to be in your post .
Thank you for visiting my blog and making a comment .....xx

Laetitia said...

Your collection is very nice Helen all these little creatures under the same roof !! they must talk a lot. I love this Bear with his long nose
yes creating !!!always !!Summer is the best season for creating, everything dries so quickly , a very warm week is just coming here , and it is most welcome so much to do!