Thursday, June 04, 2015

A longer road trip...

We recently found ourselves on a longer road trip.  Off we went to Lake Erie and over to Ashtabula. It was quick trip to see some relatives but very enjoyable. They showed us around we loved the landscape and the people we met.

We went shopping in  big Amish store but I didn't take photos out of respect to the community.  (I thought of a certain gal in Texas who would LOVE the store and the people. You know who you are!)

We were at a rest stop that was better than most hotels! The building, the grounds and the view were amazing.  Quite surprised!

And we saw a woodpecker that was huge and decimating a tree stump in the yard where we stayed.  Who needs a wood chipper?

All in all a very good time was had.  We might venture out even further the next time.


How goes your spring and early summer?   How is the extreme weather treating you?  One day we had to turn on the a/c and the next day we turned on the furnace. The temperature dropped 40 degrees within an hour.  We had well needed rain and now it green again here.

Until next time...

as always...

enjoy the day!

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AngelMc said...

So pretty up there.