Monday, June 08, 2015

Little treasures...

Little I love them!  With a tiny house and little space, the smaller the better!

Spent a little time at the Country Living Magazine Fair in Rhinebeck, NY this past weekend. If you are ever able to attend one of these fairs, what fun!

Here is a wand from the  The Painted Fern.  Glorious paper art!  And a little Nicole Bowen cute!  Fits right in with the kinds of things that I make and do.

On the way back from the fair, we went to one of our favorite antique and collectible stores In Millerton, NY,  where I found this wonderful primitive bear.  It is 7 1/2 inches tall and has a mohair head.

At another shop I found these early hand painted gnomes.  These are probably made in the  30's or 40's but they were made well into the 1960's in Germany as wall ornaments and nursery figures.

The weather has  Some days warm, someday cold and some days incredibly beautiful.  The past few days have been wonderful.    It is a pleasure to go antiquing and for rides through the lush green New England summer landscape.

A new week begins.  Working on a few about you?   Where have you been?  How is the early summer treating you?

Until the next time,

as always.

enjoy the day!


l.wilks11 said...

I love those country living fairs and subscribe monthly to the magazine. That's where i get a lot of inspiration from and also from my blogging. What great finds just love that teddy.
Thank you so much for taking the time to put a comment on my post.Lovely to here from you .....xx

vivian said...

In one of the pics that Lisa tagged me in on face book you can see your panda, obviously before you bought it! lol! I love nicoles work. And I was eyeing up the booth where you bought your wand too! so much fun stuff at the fair! Im hoping to go again in sept to Ohio.
have a great day my friend!

Simply Shelley said...

Tales of your outings alway enthrall me. I love the "little" treasures you found. Especially that little primitive bear. My summer thus far has mostly been spend indoors. Thanks for sharing you and your hubby's days of being out and about....always very interesting to me. Blessings my friend ♡