Friday, May 15, 2015

A very pretty place...

Spring arrived late here but it has been worth the wait. We have had cooler temperatures though it was 91 F. the other day.  Spring flowers bloomed out of sequence and some types burned out quickly like shooting stars.

One of the places we visited recently was so lovely and magical. The Salem Herbfarm is a very special place.  We purchased some herbs for our deck and enjoyed the grounds.

 Not all the leaves are on the trees 
yet but they soon will be. 

I love these structures...and the creative plantings...

How goes it with you?  Hope the season is treating you well!

As always.

until next time.

enjoy the day!


vivian said...

Im thinking about flowers and plants here too... so much that needs to be done here this summer I had been contemplating not doing much gardening.. roof will be getting done, porch fixed or rebuilt.. house painted.. flowers might get in the way. though I do most of it in pots and baskets and window boxes which are of course, all moveable.. But Im just unsure! but I cant imagine not doing it!
have a great weekend my friend!

Simply Shelley said...

A pretty place indeed. How did I miss your previous post? I'm not sure, I've been in quite a fog lately, but I feel the sun is about to shine for me. I'm glad it's finally spring time there for you all. I love the sweet shop in your previous post, the mushrooms you crafted, and your new blog header.....very nice. Blessings to you and yours Helen. Hugs, Shelley