Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A trove of treasures...

Well, spring is still very tentative here.  We have a warm day followed by many cold ones.  The grass is turning green and the trees are budding. A few warm days should make everything green again!

We were out for a ride and visited a wonderful new place to hunt for antiques.  It is in Colchester, CT, and called "The Trove."  There is a sister store in Old Saybrook.  Visit the site here...fun!

I will let the pictures speak for themselves.  I was so entranced by an old yoyo quilt!  

 Otherwise it is business as usual here. Outdoor soccer has started for our grandson but it is really cold and windy outdoors. We are looking forward to the weather being just a tad warmer!

Of course, art and projects are ever present.  I have been loving Papier-mâché  lately I tried to make these look antique and was happy with the results. 

Hope the change of seasons is treating you well. After such a long hard winter, it has been a long cold spring.  Goodness knows the weather can be extreme!  Until the next time...

As always.

enjoy the day!

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vivian said...

I think we might actually be turning the corner here and maybe spring will start to feel like spring.. but shhh.. I dont want to scare it away! eiy yie yie... I wonder what summer will be like. Actually I just saw a forecast that said it would be below average temps. no surprise I guess.
LOve your mushrooms! I just bought a few big ceramic ones at the christmas tree shop. I dont know why they call it that.. its not really a christmas store!
fighting a rotten headache AGAIN this morning.. oy vey.. and I have training all day today. but I shall survive!
have a great day Helen!