Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Upcoming hoidays...

Well, here it is almost Easter!  And Passover!  And it still snowing around here. (We had three inches of snow on Friday.)  No greenery yet nor spring blooms.  Easter is early and spring is late!

Due to weather, we have spent more time  around the house than normal. Snow is one thing but forecasts of snow turning to rain and sleet is another.  If I never hear the term "black ice" again I will be very relieved.

Have been busy staying busy as winter clings to March. Art, cooking, dolls, feeding the birds and squirrels...such is the stuff of winter. How about you?

If you were here, I would hand you an Easter egg. Instead, here are some cloth eggs I made.

Happy Easter!

Happy Passover!

Happy Spring!


vivian said...

those are so pretty Helen! I have the urge to make something.. but I need to get a bear made for a baby shower this weekend, and I have a lot of bear orders starting to stack up again.. sometimes I dont feel like making bears! but shhhh... dont tell anyone!
have a great week.. see you on facebook!

l.wilks11 said...

What lovely cloth eggs you have made. Happy Easter .....xx

Simply Shelley said...

Such pretty Easter eggs. I hope your Easter day was lovely....blessings dear friend