Monday, April 28, 2014

Still waiting...for spring!

Although the weather is so much better, we still lack leaves on the trees and warm weather.  This morning the furnace clicked on. The colder weather just wants to hang around!

Despite that, we have had some nice days and nicer day trips.  This windmill is in  CT and up for sale for around 2 million dollars...two bedrooms, complete remodeled home with a magnificent view of the water.

We have had very little rain so we welcome it right now.  Without rain, the trees don't seem to bloom as quickly.  We are scheduled for possible rain this week.  This was Saturday afternoon...our first rain in weeks.

And then... there was the book I made.  It was for a swap with a friend and combined many design elements including some of Teesha Moore's techniques to make the cover.  Lots of hand-sewing, machine sewing, hand embroidery and embellishment.  It is about 6 x 8 inches with blank paper pages inside.



Our grand daughter is on a crew team 
so we still have been enjoying regattas 
 on the weekends.

Still drawing...

still playing with dolls...

still waiting for warm spring!  

Next time I will show you what I bought for little Edie (my 4 inch doll I made) who some of you know for years and years.

Hoping that the season 
is treating you well
and as always,

enjoy the day!


Simply Shelley said...

I like your book,and can't wait to see what Edie's prise is :) Well,if only I had two million dollars...we could be neighbors..almost. In my dreams...ha
Blessings friend,and praying you see green on those trees soon.

vivian said...

I love those donkey drawings! seems that we may never warm up here either... really, I think it has too...eventually... right? lol! YOur book is amazing! I wouldnt be able to give it away.
Happy Sunday Helen!