Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Little things...big impact!

Recently a bunch of little things have come to live here and to make me smile!

One of them is Edie's new stroller and baby doll. She has been complaining that she gets no face time and very few photos shoots...and she hasn't had a present since Christmas!

This is a little Sasha Pokrass bear who is 4 1/2 inches tall and a sweetie! I have admired her bears for ages and have another tiny one that was gifted by a friend.  This bear was money saved for and spent! 

Still have lots of selvages from that project that I mentioned in an earlier post so I made a little book and decorated a tin to keep it in. The book is 2 1/2 inches long.

My young artist friend Beth Nowak sent me this spring drawing which brightened a dreary cold day.  Beth is detail-oriented and fills the page with her work...she is such a good budding artist!  I am keeping this on my fridge and hope she will send more art in the future.  Her compositions are always so well though out and executed!

How about this cutie by Valerie Weberpal of Earth Angels and Harvest Moon designs?  I have many pieces of Valerie's artworks and have shown her work before in this blog.  This sweet kitty stands 5 inches tall, 8 with its stand.

This little imp is made by Papermoon Gallery and barely stands 5 inches tall!

As you can probably tell, I am enjoying my "recent acquisitions"  very much and wanted to share them with you!

So what are you all up to these days?  Gardening?  Creating?  The next thing you know it will be Memorial Day!  We still haven't had much warm weather though and the leaves are barely starting to come out on the trees.  Hard to dream of summer!

Until later,

as always,

enjoy the day! 


vivian said...

Oh how I love your treasures! You must have awonderful collection!

Anne said...

Some lovely new additions to your collections. I have fallen in love with the little bear!

Simply Shelley said...

I love what you shared today. Such a tiny doll stroller,and baby doll. I am sure Edie is very happy with those. The little bear is adorable too. Such a sweet drawing as I said...I like it all,but the little dollie and stroller is my favorite :) Blessings friend