Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Seems to be a pattern...

After a weekend snow storm, looks like we have another mid-week snowfall, too.  Some years we have sporadic snow fall. This year looks like we might get more than we want or need!  I will admit that it is beautiful before Christmas with all the Christmas decorations and lights!

It seems like there is extreme weather everywhere, so we are not alone.  It is  10.0 °F this morning...brisk!

Still working on little projects.  This is a gift box turned into a shadow box...

This is one of those stacked paper trees...using scrap of scrapbook paper, a wooden spool and dowel.

Have made cards and ATC and other things...need to work on a few more this week.

I don't bake Christmas cookies or Christmas sweets.  We would not be able to resist eating them.  (We do enough damage wherever we visit!)  

Yesterday some dolls went with me to doll club for our Christmas party. Some readers will recognize the doll and the dolls she that she is holding. They have all made cameo appearances in the last decade either in this blog or my old one (now defunct!) on Yahoo. It is my interpretation of elinor peace bailey's  pattern "Me Myself and I"  I made all the dolls she is holding and she is caricature of me!  I think this doll is well over ten years old now!  You can see Edie and her friend Precious tucked in her arms, too. I didn't make her crown though--it is is a Christmas ornament.

Time for more coffee.  The snow hasn't started yet but I think it is a good day to make chicken stew!  What are you making today?

As always,

enjoy the day!


Beth said...

Good morning, Helen. We have had a lot of early season snow here as well. My poor husband is getting cabin fever, as he usually rides his bike to work...but not for the last several days!

Bean soup and cornbread is my favorite cold-weather comfort food :-) It is always a pleasure to see what art you are making, or have made from the past. My, myself, and I is excellent!



theretropete said...

I am proud of you!

Simply Shelley said...

I always love seeing what you make....love..love your little dolls...a very Merry Christmas sweet friend...God bless.