Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Silence of snow...

Just came in from outdoors.  It's will be our  first significant snowfall of the season. I was struck by how silent the world feels when it is snowing.  Snow, to be sure, can be a lot of trouble for a lot of people.  School is cancelled here today, driving will be hazardous, and we will begin the winter with white stuff on the ground which means shoveling.

Yet, the first snowfall is always very pretty...and quiet.  I have turned off the radio and just want to enjoy the silence of snow. 

There is always a flock of mourning doves in the same tree tops every time it snows.  I have no idea why they like this tree but every year the flock gets larger.  They are ground feeders and feed underneath our bird feeder that is on the deck on the second floor. The sit in the branches huddled together, snow after snow, and I guess they can swoop down for a meal whenever they need one!

In the past few days, the dark eyed  juncos have shown up at the feeder right on shedule.  They seem to show up at the feeder like the announcers of winter...like robins sometimes announce spring.

Last year we had a snow fall that produced this situation  below. We do NOT want a return of  a snowfall like that---ever again.  This photo is of Mr. DollzandThingz trying to get out to the street. The snow was much taller than his 6 feet...

The prediction today is for only a few inches today.  That will be enough for me!  For now, I think I will enjoy it, start a batch of chili, bake some cornbread. 

As always,

enjoy the day!


paris parfait said...

Hope you have just enough snow to enjoy and not enough to be a problem! Like you, I'm a fan of the "silence of snow." We've had only sleet so far, but no doubt snow will arrive before the month's end.

vivian said...

stay warm helen, chili and corn bread sound so good! I wish I could stay home and bake!
happy wednesday

Christine LeFever said...

Amazingly wonderful snow!