Friday, December 20, 2013

Sunny and warm?

Tomorrow is the winter solstice. (12:11 p.m. EST on December 21.) We have had amazingly cold weather and a few snow storms.  Amazingly is is 50+ degrees right now... and will be at least 60 on Sunday!  Think there will be much melting.

Here is a recent project made for a friend as part of her Christmas gift.  She is about 10 inches tall and her head turns and she can pose seated. My friend has two Boston terriers named Lily and Rosie.  I named this one "Lily Rose."

This has been a relatively serene Christmas season for me.  My motto has been to "simplify" and I know I am not alone in this.  Many people have told me they are doing the same.

Nobody loved a fancy tree and a lot of holiday excitement more than I did and like everyone, I love kids at Christmas.  Times change..the world changes...we lose people...we make new friends...ans we start new traditions.  Being open seems to be a key factor.  Christmas is religious to be sure but it also has strong secular meaning as well.   It is embraced by many cultures and takes on many meanings revolving about good will.  My hope is that people will be a little kinder throughout the holiday season.

Some of my friends will be celebrating Kwanzaa next week so I wish them a joyous holiday. I made this little doll for my friend years ago but I like to show him this time of year on my blog. He is 4 inches tall.

Are you ready to celebrate Christmas?   
Hank says he is ready!

I may or may not pop in again before the 25th.  Mr. DollzandThingz and I are are going to take a few day trips and enjoy New England, family and friends.  Winter in New England is very beautiful to us...despite our crazy weather!

As always,

enjoy the day!



Simply Shelley said...

I love that little Boston cute...blessings

Lizzie said...

Your drawing of Hank is gorgeous and I love Lilly Rose.. Christmas has me feeling a bit frazzled this year, everyone is in such a rush!

paris parfait said...

These little treasures are too adorable! Happy Christmas, Helen! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season.