Friday, August 16, 2013

Off to the islands...

Thimble Islands, CT, USA that is!  Lying off the the Brandford  coast in a sleepy little village called Stony Creek, the Thimble Islands offer a beautiful escape  with a 45 minute relaxing and beautiful cruise.

They have been photographed by the famous and is inhabited by both rich and famous.  I will let the photos speak for themselves...lunch and cruise were a birthday gift from my daughter & son-in-law and family. So much fun!

Keep in mind that these are summer residences and are not inhabited during the winter months. The palm trees are imported and go back to the greenhouse when summer is over.  There are many mansions but they are mostly hidden by the landscaping.  

There is also an island that has been donated for a nature preserve.  One of the photos I took is of a house that my daughter and I stayed in about a dozen years ago. 

We have had sparkling weather reminiscent of what New England used to be like before it got so warm.  After two months of it being over 90 degrees, we are finally enjoying cool nights and temperatures in the hovering in the 70's and 8o'a during the day. We have even had some showers so everything is looking very green!

The weekend is nearly here...soon kids will be back to school and summer will have once again turn into autumn.  But for now, the days ahead are usually the best of the year here and I am looking forward to them.

Happy weekend, as always,

enjoy the day!


vivian said...

wow.. such beautiful homes! And what a perfect gift from your family.
I just crave time on the water so much.. I truly can not get enough. Hoping to get a little time on at the lake this weekend.. fingers crossed.. I'm on call so its iffy!
have a great weekend!

Hazel Terry said...

Looks incredible have a wonderful time

Simply Shelley said...

What a wonderful birthday gift...such beautiful "summer homes"...I can only imagine :) Glad your weather is returned to normal...we too have had some cooler nights and mornings,but still so very hot up in the day. I will wish you a belated birthday dear friend. If you can email me your address again...I have a few little dolls to send your way,if you would like them....blessings and have a wonderful week.

paris parfait said...

Have never heard of these islands, but how charming! Very belated birthday greetings! Hope the year ahead is full of delights.