Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The best of days...

At long last we have been enjoying some lovely weather!  Here is little day trip we took up to the Berkshires recently.

Breathtaking views!

We stopped at an organic farm shop and bought delicious vegetables on the way home....string beans the width of a thin pencil and huge beefsteak tomatoes.  The bakery here is SO good! 

More than ten  years ago I planted morning glories and they have been coming back every year since even though I pull them out...usually white or pink rather than blue.  But this year, blue/purple  has reappeared and I have to admit that they are lovely though they take over everything they come in contact with!

A long weekend coming up...but almost a  month of summer still left!  Seems sad that the kids are back in school during the best weather of the summer!

 Have a safe and lovely Labor Day weekend..

and as always,

enjoy the day!


vivian said...

well, youre right, there is almost a whole month of summer left since fall doesnt start to late sept. but I really can only stand to wait til next sunday to decorate for halloween! lol!
have a lovely weekend!

paris parfait said...

It looks so beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Darling watercolor!!! Lovely post, too!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Simply Shelley said...

Oh, my goodness what beautiful Scenery....I can only imagine what that area will look like after the leaves change. Your little bird drawing is very sweet. I have a new little doll( I know, I I need another one) :) lol I posted a picture of her in my last blog post. She is wood carved, her head,arms and legs,but with a cloth body. She reminds me much of the Hitty style. Hope you have a blessed week friend.

Beth said...

A lovely trip, Helen. Have a sweet and safe Labor day :-)