Monday, June 10, 2013

Time for a summer blog break...

Yesterday we enjoyed the most perfect summer day!  

The sky was so clear and blue with white puffy clouds that barely moved. The air temperature hovered  in the 70's... and it was just so very very lovely that I cannot even find the right words to describe it.

It was also the last day for soccer the spring session for our grandson.  As I was sitting waiting for the game to begin I realized we have been going to soccer games for 9 seasons.  Where are those tiny little kids who were in kindergarten?  Next week we will see one more game for our granddaughter and then we have the summer off from sporting events until the fall.   

As we ease our way into summer, it has been a time of salads and frozen yogurt... and much lighter fare. We have dined on all sorts of cuisine lately and been a bit more adventurous with our palates.  

We have taken new roads and seen more of the areas we love so much in Southern New England. For the most part, I haven't picked up the camera or phone as we travel about choosing just to take in and enjoy the scenery.

Time for a summer blog break... 
though I will pop in from time to time
when I find something I think you will want to see.  
There are projects to complete, 
drawings left undone 
and all sorts of things to catch up on around here.  

So see you in a few...

...for now...and as always,

enjoy the day!


vivian said...

well hopefully you'll still be on facebook. I always look forward to those morning smiles!
have a great summer!

Lizzie said...

Enjoy that summer sunshine!

Beth said...

Enjoy your break, Helen; take good care.


paris parfait said...

Ah, at last sunshine! We still haven't had much of it here, but we remain hopeful. :) Hope you make the most of your lovely summer. Enjoy every minute!