Wednesday, June 05, 2013

What? When?

What have I been doing?   This and that!  

Our weather see-saws back and forth between winter and the tropical.  It determines what to do and when to do it here in New England.  However, I think I am not alone with this kind of seems to be everywhere.

BUT!  I did make a little book of tags for a friend with some of those drawings I conjure up every day.

I dabbled in other art as well 
but I don't always scan or photograph it.  
This piece is double-sided 
with a similar image on the other side.

Things are not looking good at my Flickr site (due to drastic changes) so I opened an account here at ipernity.

So where did I go?  We went to NY, MA and all around CT. This Great Blue Heron was quite a husband got this wonderful image! The very same day I saw a blue bird.  I had not seen one in nearly twenty years.  They are just starting to make a comeback in our area. 

Cornwall Bridge... 
one of just a few left in CT. 

Ski lodges look so different
 without snow...

It has rained so much 
there is no lack of vegetation and/or fungi
...not to mention pollen galore.

Time flies, doesn't it?  Seems like there was so much snow that not long ago.  Here we are in late spring...and hopefully, all frosts have passed.

How has spring been treating you?  Ready for the real summer to begin in a few weeks?  We have already been to some farmer's markets.

Sorry to be away so long!
No excuse...
just frittering away time
in most pleasurable ways!
Hope you are, too...

as always,

enjoy the day!


Lizzie said...

Love the little book of tags and the photos of your travels. We have just started winter here in Oz but having strange warm weather. It is meant to be 18 degrees here today.

vivian said...

I see you on facebook everyday, so I hadnt realized you had disappeared! Im just so on the ball its rediculous! LOL! (plus I cant spell rediculous!)Anyways, I'm glad you had a good time away.
LOVE your little book of tags.. really really cute!
have a great rest of the week.. only 2 days til the weekend.. I cant wait!

Nichola said...

Your tag book is adorable! Love, love, love your little drawings :)

Simply Shelley said...

I love your book,and the bridge. True,the weather is showing off everywhere.....some have had to endure some terrible storms. I pray all calms down soon....blessings friend

Beth said...

That must have been a bluebird of happiness that you saw, Helen :-) I love the picture of the tree with fungus; these always look like great places for elves to cool their heels.

I'm happy to see you on Ipernity and follow your whimsical artwork there.


Flutterby Patch said...

Absolutely LOVE your tags and you've chosen such scrumptious colours. Your lovely area always seems to mirror ours - green, moist and plenty of fungi. Only 2 weeks to the longest day (how depressing). I'm guessing you can be assured of some heat in the summer, sadly we can't as it's a lucky dip with our weather over here. Eli x