Monday, July 01, 2013


The first of a summer that has had its share of up and down weather.  It's so humid here that it feels like August.  It's so warm here that everything is emerald green and lush.  And then there is smog...lots of it this year.

Thought I would pop in and say hello and see what's happening in blogland.  I have had more time to read blogs lately but have noticed that many bloggers are also taking some time off for summer.

My drawings continue...lots of paper projects to work on....lots of books to read....and books to make.


On the rare day the sun actually shines, 
it is a welcome guest!

It was a long winter here with a lot of time spent making up snow days in the school system. Our grands got out of school last week and will be back to school on August 25.  That is a short summer! I hope they will get some sunshine soon to enjoy their summer days.


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of seeing David Byrne and St. Vincent perform in New Haven. It was a fabulous concert in every way.  Long time Byrne fan here...and yes! He sang "Burning Down the House" as well as the great new music from their album. Wish I could see the concert again..but I have the album which I preordered before it came out...and love.


The 4th of July is ahead of us in a few days.  We don't have to leave the neighborhood for fireworks because several people within the neighborhood put on very elaborate shows and we can watch from our deck which is on the side of a hill.

I wanted to wish my faithful readers a happy 4th of July holiday and am hoping that you are having a great summer.  At least one of you is having winter and I hope that is great, too.  Back to my summer blog vacation now... but I will be back again before the summer is over. Until then...


Happy holiday weekend...
happy summer...
and as always....

Enjoy the Day!

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l.wilks11 said...

Yes! its July already and where has this year gone? We look forward to the summer and before we know it the Autumn will be here. Oh what a terrible thought!!
Love your little drawings, they are so sweet.
Thank you for your kind comments on my last post....xx