Friday, March 15, 2013

Signs of spring despite some snow...

Last Friday we had eight inches of snow but I am happy to report most of it has melted. There are signs of spring so I know it really must be coming!  The tulip tree next door is several stories tall but looking up I see the buds have actually turned pink.  Chives in containers on my deck are growing an inch per day even though it is still very cold outside.  Once spring gets into motion, there is no stopping it.

We will have "an early Easter" this year...March 31. In times past a new Easter coat, hat and gloves would be in order since the weather would still be cold in New England.  I loved Easter hats as a child and right into adulthood.  It was a time when a new spring coat was worn through April.  Now it goes into the 80's in April and stays there.  Shorts and sandals come out even though there are no leaves on the trees. Times...and weather have changed.

In any event, the days are longer now and the sun is at a cheerful angle.  We had company last weekend and it went from a snow storm on Friday to the sixties on Sunday.  Lovely weather for day tripping!  Hoping this weekend will be as lovely with sunny days and a lack of snow!

As always

happy weekend...

enjoy the day!


Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Happy weekend to you too Dear Helen!
I think we should wear more festive hats:)

Beth said...

Bring on the spring! I'm watching a pair of Cardinals from my window as I write this. I think they are looking for a place to set up housekeeping and raise the kids. It is lovely to hear the birds singing in the early morning now.

And my hellebores are blooming!

Have a blooming day, Helen :-)


Simply Shelley said...

I am an old fashion gal,and I will be wearing my Easter Bonnet on Easter morning :) Your Easter chicks are so sweet. Times have changed for sure and for certain....I for you,don't care for some of the changes,but what is a girl to do? :) Blessings friend

Flutterby Patch said...

Easter bonnets, what a lovely thought. I think you already have daylight saving time in the US. Here in the UK we must wait until the end of the month. We call it British Summer Time (BST). I can hardly wait. Have a lovely weekend Helen. Eli x

vivian said...

I remember getting a new dress and new patent leather shoes.. a little white hat and a cute little easter purse and white gloves. going outside to ride my little bike and getting pooped on by a passing bird!! devastated I was! but my mother cleaned me up and assured me I was still a beautiful princess... and all was good!
I think as a kid, I always looked forward to the actually day, now its more about the season and all the days leading up to it and even for a bit after it. I like to enjoy them all! I guess I feel that way about all holidays now. lol!
anyways.. have a great weekend!