Saturday, March 16, 2013

How could I forget?

 Anne Luree Bleuette

How could I forget? Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day!  The dolls here have always celebrated but this year it skipped my mind until now.

Janet Cordell Hitty

Time to go in search of Irish food...perhaps cook some corned beef. In years past, I would plant peas on St. Patrick's Day like many people in New England since peas are a cold weather crop.  No more big gardens for me, but I think I will work in the boxes we keep on the deck filled with herbs. I can see chives and pale chartreuse sprouts and am looking forward to the splendid greenery of early spring!

As always,

enjoy the day...


Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Beth said...

Happy St. Pat's, Helen. Such a lovely little Bleue you have, celebrating the top o' the mornin' with you :-)


Simply Shelley said...

Happy St Patrick's day friend. Those are some pretty Irish ladies you have there...blessings