Friday, August 17, 2012

Just another Friday...

Just another Friday...where did the week go?

Things were made, meals were cooked, the sun came up in the morning...and the week sped by in some sort of blur. Of course, it is still hot here but not as hot as it was before.

My birthday came and went and was most enjoyable.  The goldfinches returned to the feeders...crickets chirp daily now as summer progresses.  Lightning bugs and butterflies are very busy these days...and we have had a few downpours which were sorely needed.

While sorting through art work I found lots of sketches of the little figures I draw. Some of them were from 2005!  It's time to come up with new images...but I am still fond of them.

I hope the week has been good to you as we cruise towards the weekend.  Summer looks good on television and movies...summer looks good in memory of summers past...but summer has not been good for a lot of people.

In this country we have had serious droughts and endless heatwaves to remember.  Maybe it is time to rethink summer. As an adult who stays out of the sun and feels the heat, my plan for next year is to make a plan....a goal..something to make summer special if one spends it indoors.

Happy weekend...and as always, 

enjoy the day!


Joanne Galbraith Truchon said...

Perfect description of how quickly and unnoticed a week can slip by during the summer!

Flutterby Patch said...

Love all your coloured pencils. I'm sure I'd be transported back to summer if I looked at those on the dullest days in mid winter. Have a bright weekend and keep cool.

Lizzie said...

Happy Birthday to you! We are longing for some warmth here. I am not crazy about the heat of summer either but I love the light from the longer days. I adore that jaunty little siamese cat :-)

Shelley said...

Well,Happy Belated Birthday...I was admiring the little drawings you send me last year,or was it the year before...time does really fly,doesn't it...I am so ready for a change of seasons here :) Blessings

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Happy belated birthday to you, Helen!!!

Love your little drawings!

Packed your darling little "santa" yesterday, he is all cosy till Christmas.

Hugs, Carolyn