Friday, August 10, 2012

Time flies when...

Time flies! Whether or not you are having a good time...or any kind of time. It seems like time just flies by these days.

A few more day trips, lots of hot weather, a bit of creativity, people coming and going, phone calls, e-mails...even if a person works at home, the days go as quickly as they did when I worked outside the home or was in school. Still going to the gym five days a week and feeling quite fit these days. And so it goes.

Though I have made many things in the past few weeks I did find time to make a few more little matchbox chests. They have since moved on as gifts to their new owners.

Most things I didn't have the required good lighting  or the patience to photograph. I did make a little pendant book with these drawing of mushrooms which I made into a composite here. The book was embellished and hangs from a black cord and can be worn.

Of course there were drawings galore along the way. Most don't appear here in my blog  but I use them in other places.

What have you been doing this summer? As always, I never have enough time to do all things necessary or fun.  When did this happen that time sped up?   Did time speed up for you, too?  

The weekend is just around the corner.  Tonight we will dine with our friends at favorite (and authentic) Mexican restaurant. How about you?  Does time get away from you? Did you notice we are almost hallway through August?  Summer as an adult is quite different from summer in childhood.  Excessive heat and drought have made this a summer to remember.

Happy weekend,

and as always.

enjoy the day!


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Shelley said...

You have such talent...I always enjoy seeing what you have made.I am afraid I haven't been very creative over the summer :) Much of my time has been spend entertaining grandchildren and trying to stay cool. I am so ready for Autumn days to arrive. Enjoy your weekend friend.