Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend ride with Bjork the Bedbug...

We were treated to a lovely day on Saturday so we decided to hit the road. We went off again to our favorite place to buy corn...Logue Farm in Woodbury, CT.

Bjork jumped in the car and traveled along...never wanting to miss a photo op!

There are corn fields

as far as the eye can see

...a very beautiful place.

The corn is the very best sweet corn

we have ever tasted...worth the trip

from anywhere and fresh, fresh, fresh!

We try to go every week during corn season

but this was Bjork's first visit.

Ever hear of Woodhenge?

There is one on the grounds

of the Timex Building...

so appropriate!

Now we are having a few days of badly needed rain. Here we are half way through August and just now getting the real summer weather of New England rather than constant heat waves. Well, better late than never!

Happy Monday...

enjoy the day!

1 comment:

April said...

Did Bjork enjoy the sweet corn? What a lovely trip out to buy the corn! And my goodness, I have never heard of Woodhenge!!!! Curiouser and Curiouser!!!