Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Two little gnomes...

Two little gnomes are visiting here....

They are a little difficult to photograph since they are:

1. scampering about the house visiting with other dolls...

2. are about 4 or 5 inches tall and fuzzy around the edges to begin with...

3. are more interested in mushrooms and acorns than photo ops!

I made them like miniature Waldorf dolls and they are wired to pose. They are my first attempts at making a tiny Waldorf style doll and I hope there will be more to follow. They are a gift for a friend. They must travel together to her house because they are brother and sister. (Couldn't you tell? ) They didn't tell me their names yet...I think they are going to reveal them when they reach their new home.

The heat wave has abated and the weather is like it used to be years ago in late August. It has rained a bit and it's looking a lot greener outdoors!

I am off with a friend to today to celebrate my birthday (once again!). We have been doing this for about twenty five years--maybe more. We celebrate hers in March. Gee..we must be getting old by now!

As always,

enjoy the day!


Martha and Jane


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Shelley said...

Your little gnomes are so are so very,very talented.....I am sure your friend will be thrilled when they reach their new home...let us know what she names them :)
Hope your day was lovely celebrating your birthday....mine was a very good day but,the heat took just a bit of the joy out of it....I am looking forward to cooler temps here...I pray sooner than later...blessings dear friend and thank you so much for your visit and the sweet birthday wish....I hope your day was blessed as well.

April said...

OH OH OH!!!!DARE I SCREAM OUT WITH JOY???!!!!! OH WHY NOT!!!!! OH OH OH! Those Gnomes are coming to live with ME!!!!!!Because I am SPOILED and I can WHINE really really good and I LOVE HELEN'S CREATIONS (Well, silly, don't we all??!!!) OH I DON'T KNOW WHAT THEIR NAMES WILL BE!!!! Helen- The little boy looks like My Grandson (OLIVER!!!) Don't you think???!!! OH I AM SO FULL OF HAPPINESS!!!! I AM SO SO SO LUCKY!!!! AND LOVED!!!! OH THANK-YOU!!!!!!!OH THSE WILL HAVE SO MUCH FUN HERE!!!! OH I CANNOT WAIT!