Friday, August 12, 2011

A beautiful day in the neighborhood...

What a day! It went to the 50's last night and it is breezy with low humidity summer used to be... before it became so hot and tropical every year.

I just had to share with you a most magical birthday gift that I received...isn't this the most AMAZING clock? Mushrooms, acorns, squirrels... whimsical! Thank you dear April!

I have to admit it's probably TOO whimsical around here.

The various woolies and characters have been keeping company underneath a table upstairs.
Take a little trip to Martha and Jane to hear what they were discussing!

We are going to enjoy this terrific weather in a variety of ways this weekend. Who knows knows when the heat wave will return?

Wishing you the happiest of weekends!

Enjoy the day!


April said...

The Clock looks Wonderful!!! I hope you are STILL having a special Birthday!!! Did you have take-Out? I love you so so much! Happy Birthday my DEAR Whimsical Friend!!!! XOXOXO!!!!

Shelley said...

Well,I see you have an August birthday as well...a very blessed birthday dear that cute,cute clock...and your wonderful weather....blessings

Beth said...

Wonderful weather just for your birthday :-) Have a great day!