Monday, August 08, 2011

Mystic Seaport...

It was a good day to spend the day at Mystic Seaport. It was hazy,warm and,humid...but there was a nice breeze coming off the water on the Connecticut shoreline.

Mystic is such a beautiful area with so much to see and do. The scenery is wonderful everywhere you look.

In one of the buildings I spotted this darling doll bed. It was made by a captain while at sea for his little daughter. When he arrived home, he discovered that she died. He never went to sea again.

The Captain Morgan
is the world's oldest surviving merchant vessel. It is currently being restored. It has an amazing history!

Will share some more photos as the week goes by.
We chose the right day to take the grandchildren--before the tropical humidity really moved in!

Because the seaport is so large, it is impossible to see everything in one we became members and will be going back again in the future. It's a wonderful place with lots of family-friendly amenities.

So starts the week...with fond weekend memories. Happy Monday and... always,

enjoy the day!


April said...

I would sure LOVE to be there with you!!! Amazing photos! But oh, my heart, oh that little bed and his daughter died....oh!
But I am so glad you are Members now so we can look forward to more Beautiful photos!!!!
Love that horse!!

AngelMc said...

Hey sweet friend!! So good to read your wonderful posts. I love little dolls beds the furbabies have 2 of their very own.
That is very bitter sweet about his daughter.
I hope you continue to have a wonderful summer....