Friday, August 05, 2011

Seminole Indian dolls...

When I was growing up, we spent winters in South Florida. I have fond memories of wild animal farms, alligator wrestling, orange juice stands ...and the Seminole Indians who sold their wares at roadside stands with palmetto thatched roofs.

To be honest, I was terrified of the ladies in their big skirts and capes until I was about ten or so... and fell in love with their work.

Seminole Patchwork is incredibly wonderful to behold: bold geometric diagonal squares usually used in strip quilting on garments.

The dolls were and still are made from the husk of a coconut.

What appears to be a hat on the dolls was really a hair style. The hair was wrapped over a board.

Over the years, the vintage dolls have become pricey.
The most sought after dolls are the ones with actual Seminole patchwork on their clothing. Dear friend April found this large one at an estate sale and she is a beauty!

Just looking at the dolls reminds me of the days long ago and far away.

Weekend is here. Hope you have a good one... even though it is getting harder and harder to remain optimistic between the economy and the weather...

as always

enjoy the day!


April said...

Oh Helen!! YOU AMAZE ME!! I had NO IDEA the doll's Hat was, in reality, HAIR!!! Oh how intriguing!!! Wrapped around a pice of cardboard!!!! I ALWAYS learn something from you!! Smarty Pants!!!! Love the postcards too- beautiful. Love you!!!!

Shelley said...

Wonderful dolls...hope your weekend is blessed.