Monday, August 01, 2011

A few sunny days...

The past weekend we enjoyed some lovely summer days. Although the temperatures were about 90 F., there was less humidity and a bit of a breeze.
This is quite a contrast to our snowy window boxes I showed during the winter!

We were very busy over the weekend but we also managed to travel way out into the country to Bethel, CT, to get our favorite sweet corn.

The sweet bread and butter corn from this part of the state is like super crunchy candy...totally good!

Freshly picked tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers were abundant, too.

Fresh produce is really one of the best perks of summer. This particular area receives rain because it is located in the hills where there are afternoon rains storms--but other parts of our state are dry and parched.

How was your weekend? And how is your summer going?

It's August 1, today.

Soon, we will suffer through "August dog days."

Soon... school will start again and vacations will come to an end.

The best is yet to be here, though...the months of September and October are always quite wonderful in New England, followed by the glorious New England autumn.

As always,

enjoy the day!


Helen Priem said...

I agree, summer is the best for fresh produce and I'm looking forward to September and October;
Here in Holland it's apples, pears and berries!

l.wilks11 said...

I have a large veggie patch and this time of the year most of our meals come from the garden. The sweetcorn is my favourite.....xx

Shelley said...

It was 110 here today...I pray we survive August...then maybe it will start to cool down a bit...I hope...I hope.... :) What wonderful gardens....and so green! Leaves are falling here from lack of the time Autumn comes there may be no more leaves left to fall :)
It is really a very sad condition is effecting so many...both of my girls have lost dogs from this heat...I am assuming that's the cause...they were cared for..but,the heat was just to much.It is effecting people too in many ways...physically and emotionally. It is so draining of strength and spirit....we truly need relieve soon...your window boxes are very pretty....blessings

Lena said...

The produce is one of my favorite things about summer too. I don't eat very much meat, so probably especially so for me.

Our weekend had one summery day, and one that rained, but I tried to enjoy a bit of both of them. I did some reading, which I always enjoy, but couldn't settle down into other things, quite so much.

I think autumn in New England would be a special time, indeed.


April said...

I don't think I have ever tasted sweet corn. I am on a QUEST!!! Love the photos..beautiful country! I am looking forward to Fall...102 here today. And I am looking forward to the Holidays!!!