Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer fashion report…a rant!

Yesterday my friends and I were discussing how much we hate the clothes that are/were available in the summer market this season...

It is nearly impossible to find lightweight fabrics in classic designs that are still “hip” an affordable price point in the Northeast. We go shopping …and come home with nothing.

Every tee shirt is fitted and with capped or short sleeves. There is nothing worse on a mature upper arm than a capped sleeve! Even the best of mature arms still look like ham hocks…or wrinkled old flabby sticks!

Low-cut, tight fitting tee shirts are another pet peeve. First of all…nobody at any age wants to wear extra layers underneath them in a heat wave just to avoid serious cleavage…and in colors that defy description!

As for other tops, they are often garish, in large unflattering prints, in stiff fabrics that do not drape. There is tendency for plunging necklines, too. I have seen some awful sights this summer: abundant spilling-over-the-top flesh, wrinkled flesh, and décolleté that would be better off covered up.

Jeans and shorts that are cut for super models and tweens and teens…another look not so good for some of us…forget the hip- huggers, holes in the knees, jeans that look like laundry room disasters!

Any good looks? We like Capri and cropped pants…perfect for mature legs. And there is an abundance of wonderful sandals and shoes this year, not to mention tote bags and handbags.

Back to the catalogs for us….and to the thrift shops... in search of wearable clothes!

It is no wonder that stores are not experiencing good sales figures this year…women of a certain age are not buying clothes because they are made for women of a younger age.

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enjoy the day!


Lena said...

Oh boy, can I ever relate to this post. Plus, as women become older, they are often a little rounder, and if you are a shorter person, like me, it becomes even more difficult. I like simple, classic and tasteful. Even when I was younger my favorite sleeve was the 3/4. It looks nice on everyone, I think. Frankly, I don't care how old a person is, I think everyone would look so much nicer if they would leave a little bit more to the imagination! LOL!


April said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! Yes!! There certainly IS reason to Rant!!!! Besides being ahem, "Mature" is always difficult finding the right clothes when you are Short! Not much to choose from...So, I agree, it is only in the Thrift shops where I can find something the right style and size (And price) that I am looking for. Give me "Pedal Pushers" anyday!!!

Nancy said...

And, there are a LOT of us out here! Didn't they count the baby boomers in when they started designing?

I am SO fortunate to have great thrift stores here. Friday was 1/2 price clothing sale. For $15 I left with six pieces of my faves from J Jill and Ann Taylor. Yup, I'm carrying my previously thrifted $15 Chanel purse with them.

Best of luck on your hunt.

Ani said...

Loved this post! I've purchased, AND returned, several bags of clothing I picked up at the mall over the last few weeks. I've decided to go back to sewing my own clothing as I am tired of ready to wear fit and cost. And the quality of most things is usually abysmal anyway! I just ordered a nice dress form in my size, can't wait for it to arrive. Now on to buying the fabric! Yeah!

l.wilks11 said...

As a mature person myself i am now at the stage where i don't like showing my upper arms.

Your discription about short sleeved tee shirts and wrinkly arms made me die with laughter as that is just how it is for me.

Its a good job us older ones have still got a sense of humour still.....xx

Beth said...

Amen! Lands End and LL Bean for me, with the occasional dive into the thrift store.

Great post :-)


Lizzie said...

I do a bit of dressmaking for myself, and I am glad that I can for those times when the shops have very little that you would want to wear. A lot of the clothes are badly made in the shops, and anything that is well made is out of my league.