Monday, July 11, 2011

A matter of taste...

Time to talk about dolls again...vintage dolls.

Some collectors have exquisite bisque and dolls that cost more than a new car. Some collectors collect strictly for investment or artistic value. Other collectors collect a specific genre such as cloth or vinyl or dolls from a certain era.

Then there are the rest of us: we collect the doll because it is cute...or reminds of us another time...our childhoods or our children. I am one of those collectors.

Once upon a time there was something called a "dime store."

Everybody shopped at them for just about everything. There were inexpensive items and all sort of fun stuff to see. Most had soda fountain/lunch counters and women of a certain age remember with fondness all the treats that a dime store could deliver.

Here is what is called a "dime store doll." She is probably from the late 50's or early 60's. She is a doll of little monetary value but for some reason, I think she represents my collection: whimsical, durable, quirky, eclectic!

Before "big box store" chains, there were little gift shops and books stores where you might find a doll related to a book.

One of my favorite authors of little gift books is Joan Walsh Anglund. She published more than 45 million books. Recently I found these little dolls and books from the 60's.

Amazingly, the dolls
are in pristine condition.

Sentimental? Perhaps. These dolls are more than 50 years old already so they definitely vintage...and collectible.

Today I am traveling to a vintage textile show in MA. I cannot wait to see what antique... and vintage... sentimental treasures await!

As always,

enjoy the day!


Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

.....and I'm attracted to the "worn out" characters or maybe even the "burned out" , like the depressed Nancy Ann Story book dolls:)))

Shelley said...

I remember these sweet dolls and the wonderful old Dime Stores....Oh,I would love to walk through the doors of one today and explore my childhood all over again...would be a gift indeed....blessings

April said...

I Love that little girl shown first! What a CUTE FACE!!! Oh YES, I remember dime stores too...Fabulous Memories!!!!And I had some Joan Walsh Anglund books when I was young. I cannot believe those dolls are so Perfect- Amazing Find! OH OH I CANNOT WAIT to see what you find today!!! Sounds like a Fabulous Show!!!!

Beth said...

We had a dime store in our very small town; it was the first place I would go with my allowance to see what wonderful things I could buy :-)

I also have a delightful book of poetry, 'The Golden Treasury of Poetry,' illustrated by Joan Walsh Anglund. I loved it as a child, and it still enchants me. Those little dolls are adorable, and I'm thinking they would be fun to reproduce in crochet :-)